My Big Notebook

Authors: JC & Carla Carlisle
Release Date: Winter 2021

My Big Notebook includes real stories, healthy coping mechanisms, positive affirmations, resources for kids, coloring & journaling pages. JC shares his techniques to help children express their feelings in a positive way.

Did you know that there are about 400,000 children in foster care in the US and around 11,000 in North Carolina alone?

During the first year in care, children average about three placements. That means kids are uprooted, removed from their home, and then moved 2-3 more times. Safety is paramount, so of course, most times the changes are necessary. But….think about your younger self. Imagine life as a young elementary school-age child experiencing that sense of loss of belonging and belongings; that’s traumatic.

The vision of this book is to help fill the gap, just a little bit, and to give a child a buddy (JC) and an outlet. My Big Notebook looks similar to a composition notebook. It is a companion for the child and provides helpful information to the parent.

Get a copy (or 10) for a special someone who could use a buddy like JC. Don’t we all need a buddy sometimes?

Most of our children have experienced some level of trauma, especially over the last 18+ months. Think about the pandemic, being remote for a school year, witnessing social and racial injustice, and just dealing with life in the age of technology, poverty, and social unrest. Sounds bad, right?

My Big Notebook won’t fix these challenges, but it will serve as a support to you and our children.

Are you a parent, caregiver, social worker or loved one of an elementary school aged child dealing with:

  • toxic stress
  • anxiety
  • trauma
  • loneliness
  • isolation
  • missing loved ones

My Big Notebook is for the child who needs a little support.

My Big Notebook includes:

  • real stories as told by JC
  • healthy coping mechanisms
  • positive affirmations
  • coloring & journaling pages
  • resources for kids
  • JC shares his techniques to help children express their feelings in a positive way

For parents:

  • letter to parents from a child and adolescent psychiatrist
  • support for parents

This book has been such a labor of love. To partner with my son and loved ones to put together a notebook for children is a dream come true. I so appreciate the journey.

Note: A parent is someone who is in the role of parent, whether temporary (like a foster parent) or permanent (like adoptive parent or parent with custody).

Authors: JC & Carla Carlisle @carlaacarlisle
Illustrator: Quadasia Prescod @q_kindainspires
Publisher: Spark Publications 

Presale Pricing: $19.99 – Including Shipping
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Praise for My Big Notebook:

This book is needed…


As a person who has written about the trials and triumphs of youth, this book is needed more than ever for young people. And as a father in today’s world, I’m excited that Carla has decided to continue to bring life to her personal story, through the gift of her creative expression.

 – Glenn Thomas, Chief Heart Officer, Heart Work Enterprises

Learn from your buddy, JC…