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From Tolerance to Advocacy

How Being Trauma Informed
Changes Lives

Are you an educator, administrator, or work with kids and witness “bad behavior?” Join trauma expert and child advocate, Carla Carlisle, to learn how to stop just tolerating the child in your life who experienced trauma, but to really accept, understand, and advocate for them.  Leave the workshop with the tools you need to deescalate crises, build bonds and create a safe environment for the child and you. Attendees will have the skills and tools to better prepare for crisis intervention and ultimately crisis prevention.

Supporting A Child With Trauma

The Resource Parents’ Blueprint

Is there a child you love that needs help? So many of us are faced with caring for a child without really understanding what to do.  In many situations, we don’t know the details of the child’s trauma, but we see its impact. Join trauma expert and child advocate, Carla Carlisle, to build the blueprint to create a strong support system for the child you love. You’ll learn the ten resources you didn’t know were available to provide financial, legal and mental health support for your child.

Care for Caregivers

The 4-Step Method

Do you interact with children and find yourself exhausted by the end of the day? If you live on hypervigilance for too long you will inevitably run on empty. Join trauma expert and child advocate Carla Carlisle, to learn her 4-step BEST method for self-care as a caregiver to arm you with the support, incentives and tools you need to fill up your emotional tank.

"As a speaker and mentor, Carla generously shares her life’s experiences and challenges you to be your best self. She is a true example of a woman who has found strength through adversity."

Catina Strong

Financial Services Professional

"Mrs. Carlisle, Thank you so much for dedicating your time to our staff today. If it raises awareness and acceptance, it is a win for all. I hope that you will continue to share your story with many educators. It is an area that we need to understand more fully."

Joan Roman

Director, BCCA

“Today, Carla is an advocate working with MHA, NAMI and other organizations to improve access to quality mental health care for children and their caregivers, and raise awareness about adoption.”

Ericka Ellis-Stewart

Director of Education & Advocacy for Mental Health America of Central Carolinas

“Carla Carlisle is an incredible advocate for mental health, especially passionate about ensuring children’s mental health is a priority. She understands the importance of parent’s roles in being their children’s best advocates and the importance of self-care.”

Andrea I. Towner

Development Director, Mental Health America of Central Carolinas

“She shares her story to many audiences and makes such an impact on everyone she talks to.”

Judy Reiner

NAMI Charlotte Board of Directors

“She’s poignant and honest, and reaches the audience on a level that not only speaks to the heart but also makes you ponder. It’s what makes Carla a compelling speaker and wonderful guest.”

Valerie L.S. Albarda

Author & Podcast Host MidLifeAGoGo.com

“As a public speaker and Mental Health advocate, Carla has a wealth of experience, both first-hand and professional. Carla was able to share an in depth perspective of the effects of trauma.”

David Rodriguez

MALIK Fraternity, Inc.

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