Donate My Big Notebook

Thank you for visiting The Compassionate Companion © page! I’m super excited to be able to offer my big notebook free of charge to children who could use a buddy in a book!

We are now accepting tax deductible donations (to provide books to kids for free).

Your donation of $199 buys 10 books that will be donated to elementary school age children.

Donations of greater than 100 books will have a 20% discount applied. Those over 200 books will have a 30% discount applied.

Where will the books go?

You decide if you want it to go to a charity of your choice OR I have multiple charities I’m working with.

Why donate?

I co-wrote My Big Notebook with my son, JC, as a tool to help elementary school-age children express their feelings in a healthy and positive way.

I created the book as a fun and healing way for children to talk about their feelings. Too often children remain silent because no one gave them the tools or a safe space to express their feelings, which can often lead to self-destructive behavior.

The BIG GOAL is to get My Big Notebook in the hands of every elementary school age child in the United States! Help us reach that goal and support Children’s Mental Health