Care for Caregivers

Three month coaching program

It takes one loving adult to change the trajectory of a child’s life. That one can be you, as long as you practice self-care along the way…

Your Chief Healing Officer

You are the CHO of your family and your own life. I am riding shotgun and making sure we get to where we intend to go.

This program is not just about healing. The purpose of this program is to help put you in the position to think, dream, debate and envision what life looks like if you didn’t have to feel stressed out all the time.

You will learn to do this through our three-month program, which is comprised of one on one and small group sessions.

Let’s be honest, parenting and caregiving are exhausting. I have talked to so many caregivers who are at their wits end and are unsure where to turn to make real change for the better.

You’re probably used to functioning on empty, but that’s not a sustainable model – trust me, I know from personal experience. The hardest part of this program is learning to allow help in. But we’ve got this!

You’ll not only learn from my experience and the practical tips and resources to get you to a healing place, but you will leave with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose in your ability to not only care for your family, but to take the BEST care of yourself too. See you in our first session!

Carla A. Carlisle is an award-winning author, speaker and trauma expert.

She fostered and adopted her son, learning the tricks of the trade for advocating for her child while taking the BEST care of herself

3-Month Coaching Program

Month 1


01. 3 steps to awareness

02. 3 paths to acceptance

03. Advocacy as a way of life

Month 2

Supporting your child

04. Understanding the state of state

05. Tools & Techniques

06. 7 things to implement

Month 3

Caregiving Starts With You

07. 4 step best method

08. Create your Plan

09. Keys to implementation

10. Maintain your plan

For the duration of the program, the tuition includes:

Weekly CHO calls with Carla

Daily voxer access with Carla

Personalized planning worksheets

Recommended resources personally vetted by Carla Carlisle

Monthly small group classes for up to 60 minutes

Accountability with a carefully selected community with similar CHO goals

Discounts to future Compassionate Companion programs

The peace in knowing you are much better equipped to manage the ups and downs of family life while having a life of your own.

One-on-one meetings with Carla will be held over Zoom for a maximum of 45 minutes per week.

Carla’s Top Tips


Time is more precious especially for busy caregivers, so let’s make sure we utilize yours to get the results you desire


There is no one who is the perfect caregiver. If you’re undecided on which path to take, don’t be afraid to try several paths and then decide which one is the best fit for you and your family. Progress not perfection!


The hard part is deciding what YOU want your life to look like, versus comparing it to others to find your answer.


The same way you got here is not the same way your family dynamic will change. Question whether how you’ve thought and acted before will serve you in getting to a healing place.


Along with meeting with Carla, you will connect with a select group of caregivers who are dealing with their own challenges. Our community exists to support each other. Receive it.

Your Program Resources

1. My Big Notebook

You will receive two copies of the multiple award-winning workbook for kiddos, which includes the cognitive triangle, coping skills, coloring and journaling pages and resources for the child and adult. Learn more about: My Big Notebook

2. Caregiver’s Guide To My Big Notebook

You will receive a PDF copy of the Caregiver’s Guide to My Big Notebook, which helps you navigate tools for your child while gaining insight into tools that may just work for you too!

3. Journey to the Son

You will receive a copy of Journey to the Son, a raw and uncut memoir about Carla’s journey to motherhood. The book will be used as a reference point for some of our discussions. Note: the book is not for children. Trigger warning!

4. Zoom Meeting Room

This is the same meeting room we will use for our group meetings as well as individual meetings.

5. Voxer

You can reach out to Carla anytime for one-off questions or to talk through any issues you need to talk through in real time. Carla will respond within
24 hours.